Thứ Hai, 19 tháng 1, 2009

TET Nguyen Dan - Viet Nam

Hoa Mai

Cay Quyt

Cay Cam Canh
Cay Dao ( peach blossom )

TET Nguyen Dan is a very special occasion for people get out of work to be together in a family reunion. In early Spring, All kinds of young trees and flowers in risen and blossom are signal a flourish New Year coming and full of energy promising in the future. Quyt and Cam Canh trees are presented for TET Holiday in a house . People get this tree to have peace, flourish and wealth in a New Year.I am so fascinated with beauty of its nature in harmony. It brings me feeling of the Brand New when enjoying the marvellous colourful of the nature and get peace , cool in deeper harmony of environment. Mai and Dao flowers in blossoming is also signal early Spring coming in a New Year.It only appears once time for a whole year in TET days with good meaning. People are very happy and excited to get this flowers tree in a house on TET Holiday for all of luck, prosperity, wealth, good health and lot of cheers, joyfullness.

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